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no. title (PDF) date
1 From Bethlehem to Nazareth – And a memorial in Bethany
January 26, 2008  
2 John Mark  – Author of the Gospel of John with Jesus' mother Google doc June 6, 2013
3 The Eleven - Jesus appeared risen to the Officers of the Temple Prison
Google doc August 1, 2010
4 Paul's Cephas is Caiphas - Author of 1Peter and Hebrews
Google doc June 21, 2011
5 James and the brothers - Davidic representatives in the temple liturgy
Google doc February 16, 2009
6 Chronological Sequence of Appearances - And the Eleven, Cephas, and James discussed
Google doc February 16, 2009
With Child of the Holy Spirit - Joseph willing to give her in marriage to his heir
Google doc March 23, 2009
Jesus and Moses - Mary Magdalene

June 8, 2024
The Infancy Gospels - "vehicles of christology" or Revelation of Christ?
Google doc April 25, 2009
Jesus and Isaac - Joseph Caiphas

June 15, 2011
The Elder and the Elect Lady - Joseph 'Peter' and Mary in Rome

January 16, 2021
The Virgin Mary anointed her Son the Christ and for burial in Bethany - Coredemptrix

June 8, 2024
a The seam and missing corners of the Turin Shroud as characteristics of John Mark's temple garment Google doc June 6, 2013
b The Turin Shroud as John Mark's garment  (excerpt of "The seam and missing corners ...") Google doc September 27, 2011
c Internal selvedge in starched and dyed temple mantle - No invisible repair in Turin Shroud - No Maillard reaction Google doc September 23, 2014
d Authentic acid blood mordanted the madder-dyed Shroud of Turin pinkish red before image formation - Jesus was dead September 22, 2014
e Cold acid postmortem blood most probably formed pinkish-red heme-madder lake on madder-dyed Shroud of Turin OJAppSc November 30, 2015
f Comment on Carlo Goldoni's blood stain paper and its slide presentation at a Shroud of Turin conference November 2019

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nr. titolo (PDF) data
a La cucitura e gli angoli mancanti della Sindone di Torino come caratteristiche dell'indumento da tempio di Giovanni Marco 
Google doc 6 Giugno 2013
22 Settembre 2014


nr. titel (PDF) datum
1 Van Bethlehem naar Nazareth - En een gedachtenis in Bethanië Google doc 26 januari 2008  
2 Johannes Marcus - Auteur van het Johannes-evangelie samen met Jezus' moeder
Google doc 6 juni 2013  
3 De Elf - Jezus verscheen verrezen aan de Officieren van de Tempelgevangenis
Google doc 1 augustus 2010  
4 De Kefas van Paulus is Kaifas - Auteur van 1Petrus en Hebreeën
Google doc
21 juni 2011  
5 Jakobus en de broeders - Davidische vertegenwoordigers in de tempelliturgie
Google doc
16 februari 2009  
6 Chronologische volgorde van verschijningen - En een bespreking van de Elf, Kefas en Jakobus de Rechtvaardige
Google doc
16 februari 2009  
7 Zwanger van de Heilige Geest - Jozef bereid om haar te laten trouwen met zijn erfgenaam
Google doc
23 maart 2009  
8 Jezus en Mozes - Maria Magdalena
Google doc
26 april 2009  
a De naad en ontbrekende hoeken van de Lijkwade van Turijn als karakteristieken van het tempelgewaad van Johannes Marcus Google doc 6 juni 2013